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Mural - 13th and Walnut

The Story Behind the Mural


This is the first mural in Murphysboro from the Revitalize 62966 - Arts In The Community committee. Our mural was painted on the side of a historical building in the downtown area and pays homage to items of interest from both the past and present. Within the letters of the word "MURPHYSBORO”, (which is the focus of the mural), you'll find local interest images.  We have included The Big Muddy Monster, apples representing our orchards and the annual Apple Festival, our historic downtown, John A. Logan (in Puck-cartoon style), the Riverside Park Band Shell, outdoor activities everyone can enjoy and one of our old train depots. All of these pictures showcase the unique and beautiful aspects in and around our hometown of Murphysboro.



Christine DeShazo, lead artist.


Address: Northwest corner of 13th and Walnut

GPS - Lat: 37°76'43 20"N     Lon: 89°33'65 59"W

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Murphysboro, Illinois

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