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Introducing the Murphysboro Main Street Corridor map. The map creates distinct focus areas for our efforts while creating a cohesive identity and a sense of place. This outlines a defined blueprint area for our committee as we examine defined areas and determine projects to support the economic and aesthetic development of the corridor.

We recognize the corridor’s place in town history and its significance as a gathering place for our residents. We believe the corridor designation helps create connections between Main Street and surrounding neighborhoods. We are also champions for promoting economic growth by attracting and retaining a diverse range of businesses and housing to strengthen the corridor while working to prevent the displacement of existing businesses and homes.

The map notes gateways to our corridor at North 22 on the west end and 4th street on the east end, and includes appropriate additional side streets. Murphysboro's Comprehensive Plan of 2019 defined some of this area, and we incorporated those existing notations.

When you visit the map, the corridor is in blue. The light purple outline is the "Town Square" (defined by the city's Comprehensive Plan), and the light yellow outline is the "Courthouse Square" (also defined by the city's Comprehensive Plan).

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