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Our Information Sheet/ByLaws

CLICK HERE for a copy of our newly designed information sheet. It provides our mission, our purpose, and how you can set up a rewards account that will donate money to our non-for-profit organization every time you shop at Kroger! If you would like information sheets to be available for the public in your place of business, please let us know! CLICK HERE for a copy of Main Street's ByLaws.

Commemorative Bench and Planter Program

Murphysboro Main Street would like to introduce our Commemorative Bench and Planter Program. This will allow beautiful additions to our community and allow anyone to sponsor a bench, planter, or plants and have a personalized plaque on them. Availability is now open for placement! Please CLICK HERE to download a copy of the guidelines and application. You may submit your order by mail with the address provided at the bottom of the form.

Click below to donate to Murphysboro Main Street through our PayPal page

Click below to donate to Murphysboro Main Street through our Facebook page

Click below to learn more about donating through our Kroger Community Rewards program

Main Street Committee Members

Jamie Green, President

Amy Mills

Paula Maloney

Kelsey Wright

Debra Tindall

Scott Evans

Janet Austin, Secretary

Terry Crain

Tracy Hagston, Special Projects

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